Fair Food

You know Fair food, not so so, mediocre, just so, but going to the local fair. That was my portion today. We arrived to a sleepy just waking up event with tents and open air displays and the smell of pancakes in the air. As we walked down main street I was compelled to think fast forward and wonder what’s for lunch with all these “homemade” goodies to choose from.Fair Food

Lunch comes and I have an associate that is attracted to the BBQ sandwich stand. Well I’m backpedaling because I don’t know if there is anything I can order in a place like this. Paper-thin steak piled high on a roll with your choice of a half a dozen “home-made” sauces to choose from. Oh wait there is a steak salad… hum the dressing is the BBQ sauce intended for the sandwiches. So I put my order in. $8 for some lettuce in the bottom of a to-go container with some strips of well done beef piled on top.

Perhaps it’s gluten free, perhaps not. If I get the #1 brand from the grocery store I have modified food starch to contend with. A bloated tummy for sure. But this smells like a southern sauce with, garlic, peppers and oil, ketchup, brown sugar, cider vinegar, perhaps apple juice with some herbs. Well … here goes. I have some allergy medicine in the car if I need it. It just makes me nervous when the waitress doesn’t know it’s gluten free or not, there are no labels to give you a clue and it’s uncommon for it to be something you can eat.

A bit of a headache that won’t go away 3- Excedrin later. It probably wasn’t gluten free. But how would I have known?

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