Grand Central Bagel Cafe

Ok … it’s 11 o’clock Saturday morning and we’re looking for breakfast … perhaps lunch and we end up at a very busy Grand Central Bagel Cafe on Centerville Road in Lancaster, PA..  Their menu board does have some gluten free options. Now of course my perspective is more gluten intolerant …. not – if I have an allergic reaction I’m going to die so I’m not going to avoid a place that uses wheat flour. I’m just going to take care of the headache and the stomach bloat with some allergy medication if there is cross contamination.

I eat allot of salads when I’m out just because I can ask them to hold the croutons or grill the chicken and add a vinegar and oil or perhaps if I’m lucky a gluten free honey-mustard dressing on the side. Perhaps today a Caesar salad, or a house salad with a scoop of tuna or chicken salad. Since it’s really brunch I went with a ham and Swiss cheese quiche. I know … it had a pie crust … I just didn’t eat the crust. When I make quiche I grease the pie plate with butter and dust it with almond flour before putting in my quiche mixture. If you’re making a whole quiche for yourself it’ll last you all week. Not a bad alternative unless the calories are too high for your breakfast.Bagel

Back to the quiche and a cup of coffee at Grand Central Bagel. Delicious and they are thoughtful enough to add a small fruit cup to the meal. They have all kinds of Healthy alternatives including strawberry salad, fruit and yogurt, and amazing smoothies. Very nice.

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