Hooked in Ocean City

After about a four-hour ride from central Pennsylvania we arrived in Ocean City Maryland. Well it was more like six hours with the stops for fuel and food. I had been here numberous times but for Conventions. This time it was just time to get away, to get some rest and relaxation before all the fall and winter events. We had booked a room in a nice boutique hotel called the Breakers on 3rd street. It’s the week after Labor Day so the crowds are light on a Friday night. A walk on the boardwalk after dinner with the pleasant ocean breeze … very nice. I couldn’t believe all the older guys playing a game of volleyball in the sand. Just a few fluffy clouds in the sky and the barometer steady about 29 and holding so probably showers on the way sometime tonight.img_3179

I had researched some places that were “the best places to eat” in Ocean City, Maryland before making the trip. The hotel desk clerk confirmed that one of those places would be a restaurant called “Hooked.” I found the directions to 8003 Coastal Hwy Ocean City, MD. So Hooked it was for dinner on Friday night. Of course one of the first things I would ask is, what would you recommend for a gluten-free entre? Our waiter was anxious to point out the pan seared scallops. I’m not usually a big scallop fan however they placed polenta on the plate like mashed potatoes and topped it with the pan seared scallops. Around the plate they added roasted corn, cheesy grits and delicious bacon. The bacon shone through the whole dish. It was nicely done.img_3180

So if you’re in Ocean City Maryland looking for some good gluten-free seafood you just might find yourself at Hooked where the wait staff is attentive and the food thoughtfully done. Perhaps you would have preferred the jumbo shrimp or the fresh catch salad – all gluten-free.

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