Arrowroot Flour

Is arrowroot gluten free and is it flour or a starch?

We’re surrounded by attempts to create descriptive names for things, iPad, stapler, cell phone, bicycle, and envelope just to name a few. But how do you think the plant arrowroot got it’s name? Perhaps the legend that it was a South American Indian word for “root flour. ” Natives in West Indies used the root in a poultice to draw poison from wounds from poisoned arrow heads. It is also called Chinese potato, Yuquilla, Goo, Chok-Eden Kuzu Root StarchWoo, Tacca and Pitisilen. Whatever it’s descriptive origin arrowroot continues to be used in many baking and cooking applications.

Arrowroot is often combined with other flours in place of wheat flour for baking.  You can find arrowroot flour or starch in tea, soups, cookies, cakes, even hot sauces and jelly. Unlike other starches arrowroot used in gravies give a clear finish.

Arrowroot cookies doesn’t mean that they are inherently gluten free even though the flavorless flour itself is. Teething biscuits for babies often used Arrowroot Cookies because they are allergen free. Be sure to check the label, wheat is often used as well in these recipes. Probably stocked at your local grocery store, Mi-Del does make a gluten free animal cookie that includes rice, potato, and corn flours.

Yummly has numerous arrowroot cookie recipes including, chewy lemon and thyme, almond chocolate thumbprint, strawberry meringue, chewy chocolate chip and many more. Genius Kitchen uses some butter, white sugar, egg, vanilla, gluten free flour, arrowroot, banking powder and salt to make their arrowroot cookies in about twenty minutes from scratch. If you’re looking for a Paleo pie crust recipe consisting of coconut, almond, and arrowroot flours check out Lea Valle’s recipe. Perhaps it’s just those warm blueberry muffins using almond and arrowroot flours with fruit, eggs, and some all natural maple syrup like Mommypotamus makes. Even gluten free arrowroot bagels.

Bobs Red Mill ArrowrootYou can buy arrowroot flour at Bob’s Red Mill  who includes a snicker doodle recipe on the back of their arrowroot bag. Kate’s Naturals arrowroot flour is available from allot of vendors.

If you live in a place where you can get arrowroot tubers you may want to make the flour or starch yourself but it’s allot of work. Esty has some beautiful tubers from Thiland shown in the banner. The original sources of arrowroot are being replaced by new varieties with higher starch content. You may be familiar with Florida arrowroot, or the traditional Maranta arundinacea.  The British Empire imported arrowroot from St Vincent for years.

The application of arrowroot directly on painful gums or sore mouth has been a alternative remedy as well as stomach and intestinal issues including diarrhea according to WebMd. There is some scientific evidence that arrowroot may help get rid of cholesterol in the body.



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