Brownstone Cafe a Keeper

Did you ever fall in love with a restaurant? You know … that one spot that has good food at a reasonable cost with a friendly crew that wants to call you family? That would be the Brownstone Cafe in Middletown, Pennsylvania just arond the corner from the Harrisburg International Airport.

This classic downtown cafe was origonally a bank. In fact many banking organizations owned the building that the cafe currently occupies. Owners are Keith & Carole Matinchek. Keith is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Class of 1980.


Photo courtesy of Tripod

There are many work-arounds for the gluten-free diet like a pan-roasted pork chop with mashed potatoes and the vegtable of the day. Or perhaps you’d rather have the Shepherd’s pie, or fish grilled or baked with vegtables. Occassionally I’ll ask for grilled beef liver with mashed potatoes, extra butter, and vegtables. Or perhaps a desert of creamy rice pudding with coffee.


Photo courtest of Tripod

Whatever your request the team at Brownstone will be anxious to please wheather it’s one of the lengthy list of specials, the smaller appetite menu, or exactly what you want.  Put this one on the list of places to experience and go back to often.

Rosie’s Italian Fusion

Mount Joy Pennsylvania has a restaurant just off the square called Rosie’s Tavola.  We choose to enjoy the patio although it was a bit chilly. Signature dishes come with a half salad. I chose vinegar and oil for the dressing for the half salad that came with the meal. img_3201

My gluten-free option was “Penne Carbonara – A traditional Italian dish featuring pancetta, bacon, and Romano cheese in an egg-cream* sauce  with gluten free penne.” If you enjoy allot of garlic this is a dish you’ll enjoy. The penne was cooked perfectly.img_3202

Perhaps this is a dish you’d like to try at home, if so Food Network has a Penne Carbonara that is light in sauce and beautiful too.

Fenicci’s GF Pasta

You can’t go to Hershey Pennsylvania without a stop at Fenicci’s Restaurant especially if you’re Italian and gluten-free. Much of Hershey’s history since 1935 is embedded in the traditions of this favorite eatery. You can make a reservation using Open Table. It’s more than likely that you’ll go away pleasantly surprised and satisfied. They say it best when they say “Substitute Any Regular Pasta Listed [ ] Gluten Free Pasta.”  Fenicci’s is home of the DeAngelis Sauces and Upside-Down Pizza.

Dough Roller – Fast

We stood in line out onto the boardwalk in front of the original Dough Roller Restaurant at the Breakers Hotel in Ocean City Maryland wondering if we should go somewhere else for breakfast. It was 10 AM on a Saturday Morning. Seating however was amazingly fast. Not only was the seating fast but the the food came fast as well. Breakfast is a no-brainer when it come to being gluten-free. I usually order my favorite. today it was a western omelette with Swiss cheese and an extra side of bacon. Trudy, our waitress used her tablet to put the order in at the table and took our payment at the end of the meal. She no more than taken our order than someone came with water and coffee and within minutes our steaming hot food was sitting in front of us.

img_3183     Of course you can build your own anything out of eggs and breakfast meats to meet your gluten-free needs and there are plenty of other options for those who aren’t. Buttermilk pancakes and a host of other options.

I don’t think we’ve ever been served so quickly and efficiently than at the Dough Roller in Ocean City, Maryland. No need to sit inside – when sitting on the beach or playing in the water on a beautiful day is where you’d rather be.