Gluten Free at Home Depot

Perhaps you found yourself at one of your favorite Home and Hardware stores low on energy or needing to quench your thirst and wondering if there may be a solution to either or both for those who are gluten free or even a confirmed Celiac. You know they have appliances, kitchens, nuts, bolts, and screws, living plants, wheelbarrows and barbecue grills but do they have a pick me up snack and thirst quencher?

It turns out that Home Depot has chosen Frito-Lay as their vendor for snack solutions including snacks made with gluten-free ingredients. It may be different at a store in your location however here were some of the options I found on a rack shouting “ANSWER THE GROWL” by the main checkout.

If you’re like me I’m always looking for that Gluten Free logo on the front of the bag but as of this writing Santitas corn chips didn’t have the gluten free logo but they do make Frito-Lay’s gluten free list for schools. A simple ingredient list always helps. No MSG or yeast hiding MSG. Simply stone-ground corn, vegetable oil, and salt. Pretty simple. Perhaps the process described by the Science Channel is close to the way they are made.

Cheetos, those crunchy snacks that are so hard to say ENOUGH make Frito-Lay’s gluten free list too. TasteMade says “it takes 5,000 cows to make a year’s supply of Cheetos, about ten million pounds of cheese according to Kimberly Scott at PepsiCo.” Cheetos’ ingredient list shows Vegetable oil, cheese seasoning including whey, cheddar cheese, some corn maltodextrin, salt, MSG, flavors, lactic and citric acids, yellow 6 color and salt. Chester Cheetah replaced the original mouse that promoted Cheetos and has some pretty funny commercials you may remember. Gluten Free flavors include Cheese Puffs, Crunchy Flamin’ Hot, Limon Cheese Flavor Snacks, Crunch Cheddar Jalapeno, and Crunchy Salsa Con Queso. One taste and you get that “anyone looking … I need to lick my fingers feeling.”

Cracker Jacks is on the gluten-free list. The ingredients on the box show sugar, corn syrup, popcorn, peanuts, molasses, corn or soybean oil, and soy lecithin. Cracker Jack’s originated in the late 1800’s and includes that inquisitive search for the prize in the box.

BAKEN-ETS® pork skins are a spicy hot and crispy snack that have been a favorite of many. In fact ABC News notes generally pork rinds are carbohydrate free and have seventy percent protein, perfect for someone on the Atkins Diet but this snack makes Frito-Lay’s gluten free but caution list. The caution reflects that it is made in a facility that also manufactures foods containing gluten.

Frito Lay Munchies include Rold Gold pretzel twists so they wouldn’t qualify for a gluten free snack and Grandma’s cookies are also on IMG_6482[1]the do not eat list of course because of wheat flour used in the baked snack.

Frito-Lay Original Sunflower Kernels contain sunflower seeds, sunflower or cottonseed oil, and salt a pretty safe bet and would meet most “good Mom lists”. However, the Ranch Flavored Sunflower Kernels has a long list of ingredients if you’re unsure of what the “flavors and spices” profiles may include. Ingredients include sunflower seeds of course, buttermilk, salt, sunflower oil, cheddar cheese, tomato powder, onion powder, cornstarch, MSG, sugar, spices, natural and artificial flavors, disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate.

Frito Lay Funyons are not onion rings with onions although they may look and taste like it. Gluten free ingredients include corn meal, vegetable oil, salt, corn starch, sugar, corn flour, buttermilk powder, maltodextrin, onion powder, MSG, hydrolyzed corn protein, dextrose, garlic powder, natural flavors, gum Arabic and milk ingredients.

The year 1966 marked the introduction nationwide for Doritos made from ground corn, vegetable oil, and salt. Gluten Free flavors include Blaze Flavored, Cool Ranch, Dinamita Chile Limon, Jacked Ranch, nacho Cheese, Salsa Verde, Simply Organic Spicy White Cheddar, Spicy nacho, Taco Flavored, and Tapatio Flavored tortilla chips.

Many people’s favorite in the Frito Lay family would have to include Fritos.  Ingredients include corn, corn oil, and salt. You may have seen ingredients posted elsewhere that include wheat flour but check the label – no wheat flour listed. It’s such an American Favorite that recipes to include them as an ingredient have been created for like Galya Thomason’s Fritos Cook Booklet.

More than seventy-five years ago Lay’s Potato Chips were born. They were the first company to promote chips on television and today have almost sixty-percent of the potato chip market. Pretty amazing since there are more potato chip companies in Pennsylvania than any other state. Born in Ohio their “betcha you can’t just eat one” TV campaign was a major hit. Simple ingredients include potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt.

It may not have been Home Depot’s intention to choose a vendor that would support their primary “customer first” focus to include gluten free but their choice of Frito-Lay appears to be valued by many worldwide. Frito-Lay has over fifteen billion dollars of annual sales. Sister PepsiCo companies include Gatorade, Tropicana, and Quaker Foods. You may not choose to eat some of their snacks because of their ingredients but the choice is yours, even at Home Depot.


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