Saquella and Prosecco Cafe

I was reminded today that I hadn’t mentioned the amazing hamburgers at the Saquella Café in Boca Raton and Prosecco’s Café in Palm Beach Gardens Forida both owed by the same folks. Their “Scratch Kitchen and Bake Shops” fit right into today’s FRESH and Healthy gluten-free lifestyle. Whether or not you choose to eat gluten free or are a celiac who needs to be purposeful about your eating habits these restaurants can be a great choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They opened initially as a way to get a good cup of Cappuccino using the coffee from Saquella Coffee Roasters in Italy who boast a 19 percent market share in Canada and the United States. Saquella Caffe

The Cafés have a Day menu filled with healthy alternatives including Buffalo burgers, chicken, turkey, and fish focused on grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free sources. They have amazing bakeries and gluten-free bread for any meal. Another customer raved that their Creekstone Farms blended beef hamburger had the best flavor of any they remember. Creekstone Farms provides  natural Black Angus beef that has never been given hormones or antibiotics and are fed a vegetarian diet, raised and grazed in the United States.  Perhaps your preference is Quiche or a Soup and Goat Cheese Salad, or an amazing Salmon Burger. The Dinner menu has some nice entrees including Scottish sourced Salmon, Risotto, Fork-tender Short Ribs, Chicken, and an Asian Stir Fry. Obviously, they serve gluten products so there is always a chance of contamination, but they do their best at preventing any cross contamination if you’re concerned about an allergic reaction.  This is a good choice for any meal and has a pleasant atmosphere as well.

If you’re curious about the history of coffee and it’s place in making history read The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee, learn or brush up on your coffee brewing techniques with Coffee Obsession.                                                   – Photos courtesy of Google Maps

Let’s Eat Donuts

Once you get the urge for a donut it’s always – where is a donut shop or place near me and who makes gluten-free donuts. Dunkin Donuts with over 11,000 independently owned franchises now has a individually wrapped gluten-free brownie but no donuts to date.

There are of course more donut shops that do not have gluten free options than do. Krispy Kreme only produces donuts with wheat – no gluten free options at the moment. Nothing on the visible gluten-free horizon at California Donuts.  In the Amish community Long Johns  is a special treat. Around the holidays in Holland it was a tradition to make fried cakes called Yum Yum’s rolled in sugar like the  Finsbury Foods Group makes in the UK. There is also a Yum Yums Donuts based in California with 71 locations but without a gluten-free option.

You’ll have to look for those local specialty shops. If you’re in Boynton Beach Florida stop by Joey Weiss’s Bakery where they have Dairy Free, Vegan, Paleo as well as gluten free options. You can stop by Funky Town Donuts in Dallas Fort Worth on Wednesdays and Sundays for gluten-free donuts in the Medical District and Sundance Square.

No gluten-free donut shops close by? Then it’s bake your own or buy it from your grocer’s freezer. In the bake your own group would be:

  • King Arthur’s Donut Mix a cake like old fashioned donut. Just add the eggs, mile, oil, and butter. Available online or at your local grocer.
  • Stonewall Kitchen has a cinnamon sugar cake donut mix.
  • Pillsbury uses their Funfetti Gluten Free Cake Mix as the base for their donut recipe. Use their icing to glaze your gluten-free donut as well.

Already baked and ready to eat from your grocer’s freezer would have to include:

  • Katz donuts and donut holes. Katz is a gluten free bakery with many tempting products.
  • Kinnikinnick has soft donuts, pumpkin spice, maple or vanilla glazed cake donuts, cinnamon sugar and chocolate dipped.

There are a lot of recipes for homemade gluten-free donuts from some of your favorite sources, AllrecipesAmerica’s Test Kitchen, Bon Appetit, Dina Sheppards GF Donuts, to name a few. So what’s it going to be? Let’s have a donut.

Gluten-Free Cereals

Whatever your age the search for a gluten-free cereal may not be as daunting as it first appears. If you’re looking for something basic without allot of ingredients you can’t get more basic than Quaker Oats, Bob’s Red Mill, or McCann’s rolled and steel-cut oatmeal products. The common perception is that if oats is separated from wheat, barley, and rye grains so that it will not contaminate the oats it should be gluten free. That would make sense if you are sensitive to the wheat protein gliadin, barley protein hordein, or secalin in rye. However, if you experience bloating, headaches, and stomach discomfort it may be from avenin, a gluten protein found in oats. One in 165 persons was discovered to have avenin-sensitive enteropathy in controlled studies. Cheerios is also made from oats.

Some of the most popular rice cereals are Kellogg’s Special K, and the Chex brand from General Mills with flavors like Honey Nut, Blueberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Corn, and Vanilla. Don’t forget Corn Flakes from Nestlé and EnviroKidz, Erewhon, Nature’s Path, and General Mills as well as the more sugar laden Lucky Charms, and Van’s Blissfully Berry, Cocoa Sensation, and Cinnamon Heaven Cereals. Cream of Rice is that perfect hot cereal for babies to the elderly.

You can make your own gluten-oat-free granola as well. Perhaps a granola from the folk from Bare Naked who make Cacao & Cashew Butter Granola, as well as Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, Peanut Butter and Honey, Coconut and Cashew, Trail Mix and Dark Chocolate snack flavors.

Barbara’s Puffins has two cereals with gluten free ingredients multigrain and honey rice, although they are made in a factory that also produces products containing gluten.

Allot of choices from manufacturers and do it at home recipes. Many grocery stores have their own generic brands to choose from as well.

Is America’s Diner Gluten-Free

From Danny’s to Denny’s and donuts to an amazing menu that includes clearly identified Gluten-Free options, today after 60 years Denny’s is proving they are still America’s Diner.  Along the way they’ve had tributes to Hank Aaron’s Grand Slam, kids eat free promotions, been the largest corporate sponsor of Save the Children campaigns, No Kid Hungry, numerous diversity awards, and now in over 1,700 locations.

What does that mean for us today? You can go to almost any diner and get hash browns and eggs, perhaps cooked or instant oatmeal gluten-free. Although Denny’s restaurants are not setup as gluten-free they have health-conscious gluten-free meals like Fit Slam made with egg whites scrambled together with fresh spinach and grape tomatoes, plus two turkey bacon strips, a gluten-free English muffin and seasonal fruit. If you’re not fond of turkey bacon, ham and bacon are still on the menu. Omelet’s like Philly Cheesesteak, Ham and Cheese, Loaded Veggie, and the Ultimate Omelet can make breakfast an event not just a meal. Adding a gluten-free English muffin completes the desire for bread.

I wish I could say they mastered the gluten-free pancake or waffle but not yet. They do have five-skillets that are gluten-free, and their Zesty Nacho appetizer is a great starter. Their menu is up to date with Build-Your-Own Burgers, Salads, Steaks, Fish, and Chicken.  The Milk Shakes remind me of Howard Johnson Days. Even a menu catering to the over 55 crowd. Do you like food character episodes? Denny’s has those too. You can order online and even ask Alexa to remember and order your favorite take outs. Rewards? Of course.

Sous Vide Cooking at Starbucks

You’ve stopped at Starbucks to get you favorite brew and a gluten-free breakfast sandwich to go. Sorry no gluten-free breakfast sandwiches, they’ve been pulled from the menu. Perhaps instead you try one of their new gluten-free sous vide egg bites. Most people know what a breakfast sandwich is supposed to look and taste like but a sous vide egg bite? Flavors include chicken chorizo, chipotle salsa, and cotija cheese. And what is sous vide?

Sous Vide (so͞o ˈvēd) cooking is simply a tube with a temperature-controlled heating element inserted into a pan or container where the water is heated to the temperature you want the meat or protein to be done at. The meat is in a vacuum sealed bag or baggie with the air removed. Depending on the size of the protein determines the cooking time. It takes longer to cook but … it never overcooks. Bon Appetit’s Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone does a nice job showing the process using a 1100-watt Joule Sous Vide.  CISNO’s Sous Vide basic 1000-watt model doesn’t need the Bluetooth features and is able to deliver a lower cost product getting rave reviews. Avalon Bay has an 800-watt model.

Several years ago, I went to double checking myself with an instant read thermometer. Some people like their meat rare, some like it medium, some like it well done. Before the thermometer it was always well done never having mastered the press it with your finger and visual indicators. If you’re doing lamb chops and they are not all the same thickness a thermometer can at least get you close to the doneness you’re looking for.  Using the sous vide cooking method could be a life saver. If you’re a celiac or cooking gluten-free you’re probably cooking from scratch so getting your food done right can be a challenge in some families. Perhaps flavorful sous vide cooking is in your future.

Party Snack Mix – Gluten Free

It’s always good to have some kind of snack mix available for those times when folks stop by to chat or visit. I think we did more of that years ago but hospitality doesn’t have to stop because a generation passed away. The General Foods  inspired Chex Party Homemade Mix recipe below has been modified over the years and the one shown below is for those with celiac disease or are gluten intolerant. Eliminate the nuts of course if you need a mix for those with peanut or nut allergies. You may want to substitute other brands for the one’s listed. We had a friend who kept bags of chex mix trail mix in the freezer for when family and friends showed up. This is the perfect sweet and salty mix and an alternative to other snacks that aren’t enough to go around.

Microwave Directions

  1. In a large bowl mix cereals, nuts, pretzels and bagel chips.
  2. In small bowl melt butter until melted. Stir in seasonings. Pour over cereal mixture. Coat evenly.
  3. Pre-heat oven to 250F. Spread mixture into ungreased pan and bake for about an hour, stirring ever 15-minutes. Spread on paper towels to cool.
  4. Gluten Free mix can be frozen to have ready for those planned or spontaneous guests


General Mills Gluten Free Journey

Seasons 52 GF Favorites

One of my all-time favorite restaurants when it comes to gluten free options would have to be Seasons 52 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida located on the inter-coastal waterway with patio or inside dining. If you’re looking for a busy but family atmosphere, a competent and professional wait staff, just the right portion sizes, and taste tested seasonal entree’s that change monthly, this is the place. Reservations recommended for meal times. Ask your hostess for a gluten-free menu. You won’t have a waitress say what is gluten? Their staff and chef’s can exceed your expectations. One of my favorite soups is the Summer Corn Soup with bacon and chives. This is a thick hearty soup that uses the corn starch for thickening and taste is delightful. Pair it with a gluten free flatbread like summer vegetable, all-natural pepperoni, roma tomato or a lobster and mozzarella. Entrees that I’ve found myself going back to again and again would be the Southern-style Shrimp and Grits and the Cedar Planked Salmon. Of course, they’re famous for their shot glass desserts but these are not gluten free. A dessert option is fresh fruit with whipped cream.

Chewy Crispy Ginger Zinger Cookie


Have you just wanted that sweet crunch – something to drink with a cup of coffee or milk if you’re not dairy intolerant? Perhaps a gluten free Ginger Zinger Cookie from Tate’s Bake Shop in the Hampton’s is just the thing. I love their description, Crispy, Thin, Scrumptious. Well said. It really is a pleasant surprise to bite into a gluten free cookie that isn’t just dry like sawdust without a hint of flavor. The Ginger Zinger Cookies have that crispy crunch, but the delightfulness comes next with chewy crystallized chunks of ginger. They’re a bit like French Fries … it’s hard to eat just one.

Tate’s also make Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Crisp, and Oatmeal Raisin cookies. You’ll find Blondie’s and Brownies, too. Great gift ideas include sampler packs, towers, It’s a Boy, and It’s a Girl packs.

If you’re close to Southampton New York, Tate’s bakery store is at 43 North Sea Road. Even though they are made in a gluten free bakery, they do contain milk products and they also make products containing nuts and soy. It’s hard to imagine that all this goodness started with an 11-year old girl, baking cookies to sell at her family’s farm stand. Even if you’re dealing with celiac disease, trying to eat gluten-free you don’t have to go without cookies. Perhaps you’re saying what is gluten – pass the cookies!

Well done Kathleen King and the team at Tate’s.

Fenicci’s GF Pasta

You can’t go to Hershey Pennsylvania without a stop at Fenicci’s Restaurant especially if you’re Italian and gluten-free. MucFinicci'sh of Hershey’s history since 1935 is embedded in the traditions of this favorite eatery. You can make a reservation using Open Table. It’s more than likely that you’ll go away pleasantly surprised and satisfied. They say it best when they say “Substitute Any Regular Pasta Listed [ ] Gluten Free Pasta.”  Fenicci’s is home of the DeAngelis Sauces and Upside-Down Pizza.

Hershey Pantry

Whether you’re coming into Hershey Pennsylvania from out of town to go to Hershey Hershey PantryPark, Chocolate World, the Rose Garden or Sweet Lights in the Christmas Holidays you’ll want to be sure to stop by the Hershey Pantry for breakfast. Gluten Free … you bet they understand Gluten Free foods.

On a recent visit we bought the Hershey Pantry Cookbook loaded with interesting recipes. I had make “impossible pie” (quiche) earlier in the week and saw that the Country Quiche recipe has a grated potato crust. They have several salads that are amazing. I think my favorite is the Grilled Honey Lime Chicken Salad with apples and raisins, some cashews and cheddar cheese served on a bed of lettuce.

Before you leave the area stop by Hershey Pantry’s bakery called Deserts Etc. just down the street. Pretty amazing and worth going out of your way on your way to a game or event at the Giant Center or the theater. There’s plenty to do and amazing food too in Hershey.