Pizza Gluten-Free

Pizza – Gluten-Free Pizza. The hand-held food that likely includes almost every food group. Cereal grain or rice if you’re gluten-free in the crust, tomatoes in the sauce, cheese, and meat. The only thing missing is fruit. No bread-sticks don’t finish the course. Pizza is the food of choice at least once a week for allot of families and especially nice when watching football or a sports event. Denny Bernstein at the Washington Post says we eat 100 acres of Pizza a day in the United States. For those who love to make gluten-free pizza from scratch. Perhaps you prefer your crust thin and crispy like the ones over at King Arthur’s. In addition to their all-purpose flour blend probably found at your local grocer, you’ll need buttermilk or dry milk powder as well as the other ingredients normally found in your kitchen cabinet. Add your favorite toppings. America’s Test Kitchen shares their discoveries too.

Can anything be simpler than Betty Crocker’s Bisquick™ Gluten Free mix? Not the same kind of crust as the King Arthur’s above but easy and delicious too. Just add your favorite ingredients like a pizza or tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni or sausage and some Italian seasonings.

Not to be undone Bob’s Red Mill has a Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix. Just add eggs, olive oil, and water. They’ve included the yeast in the package. This makes a light airy crust and of course add your preferred toppings. Makes two 12-inch crusts.

Pillsbury adds a bit of sugar and uses egg whites and garlic in their Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix. It makes two 10-inch crusts. The Doughboy does it again.

Maybe it would be easier to just go to the freezer aisle and get a  ready-made pizza make by popular brands like Freschetta. DiGiorno has quite a few fans for their thin crust gluten-free pizza. Gluten-Free Forever did their own taste tests and recommends their Top 10. Of course, we can’t forget Udi’s.

Not recommended for those with Celiac disease because of cross contamination Domino’s Gluten Free Crust would be ok however for those with mild gluten sensitivities. Similarly  Papa Johns has a crust with ingredients reflecting a gluten free pie. Pizza Hut has a Udi’s crust they make Pepperoni or Cheese pizzas with. There are allot of local pizzerias that have added a gluten-free option to their menu like Pizza Girls in Palm Beach Gardens. I’m especially fond of the Italian Hoagie at Today’s Pizza in Mount Joy, PA made with their gluten-free pizza dough. Find Me Gluten Free has a gluten-free app to help find gluten free dining.

It’s a Fish Tale

A great place for kids and a casual dining experience is the Fish Tale at 2107 Herring Way, Ocean City, MD 21842 Boat rentals and bay fishing as well.img_3190

Gluten-free lunch here was crab soup. We chose to eat inside by the bar … a cool place out of the sun but a bit difficult to hear your table partner speak. They had an adult only swings area and the sand pit was nice especially if you have kids.


This is a busy spot for locals and tourists alike and reflects the energy of Ocean City, Maryland. A nice little off the track get-away to spend some time.

Hooked in Ocean City

After about a four-hour ride from central Pennsylvania we arrived in Ocean City Maryland. Well it was more like six hours with the stops for fuel and food. I had been here numberous times but for Conventions. This time it was just time to get away, to get some rest and relaxation before all the fall and winter events. We had booked a room in a nice boutique hotel called the Breakers on 3rd street. It’s the week after Labor Day so the crowds are light on a Friday night. A walk on the boardwalk after dinner with the pleasant ocean breeze … very nice. I couldn’t believe all the older guys playing a game of volleyball in the sand. Just a few fluffy clouds in the sky and the barometer steady about 29 and holding so probably showers on the way sometime tonight.img_3179

I had researched some places that were “the best places to eat” in Ocean City, Maryland before making the trip. The hotel desk clerk confirmed that one of those places would be a restaurant called “Hooked.” I found the directions to 8003 Coastal Hwy Ocean City, MD. So Hooked it was for dinner on Friday night. Of course one of the first things I would ask is, what would you recommend for a gluten-free entre? Our waiter was anxious to point out the pan seared scallops. I’m not usually a big scallop fan however they placed polenta on the plate like mashed potatoes and topped it with the pan seared scallops. Around the plate they added roasted corn, cheesy grits and delicious bacon. The bacon shone through the whole dish. It was nicely done.img_3180

So if you’re in Ocean City Maryland looking for some good gluten-free seafood you just might find yourself at Hooked where the wait staff is attentive and the food thoughtfully done. Perhaps you would have preferred the jumbo shrimp or the fresh catch salad – all gluten-free.

Hershey Pantry

Whether you’re coming into Hershey Pennsylvania from out of town to go to Hershey Hershey PantryPark, Chocolate World, the Rose Garden or Sweet Lights in the Christmas Holidays you’ll want to be sure to stop by the Hershey Pantry for breakfast. Gluten Free … you bet they understand Gluten Free foods.

On a recent visit we bought the Hershey Pantry Cookbook loaded with interesting recipes. I had make “impossible pie” (quiche) earlier in the week and saw that the Country Quiche recipe has a grated potato crust. They have several salads that are amazing. I think my favorite is the Grilled Honey Lime Chicken Salad with apples and raisins, some cashews and cheddar cheese served on a bed of lettuce.

Before you leave the area stop by Hershey Pantry’s bakery called Deserts Etc. just down the street. Pretty amazing and worth going out of your way on your way to a game or event at the Giant Center or the theater. There’s plenty to do and amazing food too in Hershey.

Grand Central Bagel Cafe

Ok … it’s 11 o’clock Saturday morning and we’re looking for breakfast … perhaps lunch and we end up at a very busy Grand Central Bagel Cafe on Centerville Road in Lancaster, PA..  Their menu board does have some gluten free options. Now of course my perspective is more gluten intolerant …. not – if I have an allergic reaction I’m going to die so I’m not going to avoid a place that uses wheat flour. I’m just going to take care of the headache and the stomach bloat with some allergy medication if there is cross contamination.

I eat allot of salads when I’m out just because I can ask them to hold the croutons or grill the chicken and add a vinegar and oil or perhaps if I’m lucky a gluten free honey-mustard dressing on the side. Perhaps today a Caesar salad, or a house salad with a scoop of tuna or chicken salad. Since it’s really brunch I went with a ham and Swiss cheese quiche. I know … it had a pie crust … I just didn’t eat the crust. When I make quiche I grease the pie plate with butter and dust it with almond flour before putting in my quiche mixture. If you’re making a whole quiche for yourself it’ll last you all week. Not a bad alternative unless the calories are too high for your breakfast.Bagel

Back to the quiche and a cup of coffee at Grand Central Bagel. Delicious and they are thoughtful enough to add a small fruit cup to the meal. They have all kinds of Healthy alternatives including strawberry salad, fruit and yogurt, and amazing smoothies. Very nice.

Fair Food

You know Fair food, not so so, mediocre, just so, but going to the local fair. That was my portion today. We arrived to a sleepy just waking up event with tents and open air displays and the smell of pancakes in the air. As we walked down main street I was compelled to think fast forward and wonder what’s for lunch with all these “homemade” goodies to choose from.Fair Food

Lunch comes and I have an associate that is attracted to the BBQ sandwich stand. Well I’m backpedaling because I don’t know if there is anything I can order in a place like this. Paper-thin steak piled high on a roll with your choice of a half a dozen “home-made” sauces to choose from. Oh wait there is a steak salad… hum the dressing is the BBQ sauce intended for the sandwiches. So I put my order in. $8 for some lettuce in the bottom of a to-go container with some strips of well done beef piled on top.

Perhaps it’s gluten free, perhaps not. If I get the #1 brand from the grocery store I have modified food starch to contend with. A bloated tummy for sure. But this smells like a southern sauce with, garlic, peppers and oil, ketchup, brown sugar, cider vinegar, perhaps apple juice with some herbs. Well … here goes. I have some allergy medicine in the car if I need it. It just makes me nervous when the waitress doesn’t know it’s gluten free or not, there are no labels to give you a clue and it’s uncommon for it to be something you can eat.

A bit of a headache that won’t go away 3- Excedrin later. It probably wasn’t gluten free. But how would I have known?

Udder Choice – Ephrata

You can find Gluten Free food almost anywhere including a spot known for its ice cream. No GF soups I’m told but three Udder Choice dishes that meet the challenge include the Chicken Salad Platter and the Tuna Salad Platter, both with chips and a pickle. The small Chefs Salad is more than ample for most if you like the meat and cheese chopped small.

Chicken Salad

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Out of many Vanilla, Red Raspberry, and Rum Rasin are some of my favorite ice cream flavors.

Gluten Free world!

Well here goes. I’ve decided to take some action on what others have been telling me to do for sometime. That is create a blog about gluten-free food that is available at the restaurants I have eaten at. Perhaps even eating my way across America gluten-free. So here goes join me on my journey, I’m glad to have you along.