Chickpea Flour is Gluten Free

Chickpea’s in the legume family can also be called Chick pea, Egyptian pea, garbanzo, garbanzo bean, Bengal gram or just gram. It’s used to make farinatas , pancakes, bread, Halwa, cookies, Besan Laddu, cheese crackers and more when ground into a flour. It is often used in soups and stews as well as salads. There are over fifty-recipes on All Recipes for chickpea or garbanzo bean flour many in combination with potato or oat flour, and cornmeal for entree’s, soups, and deserts.

There are six USDA developed varieties of Chickpea plants released beginning with  Sarah in 1990, chickpeas-1882839_1920Myles, Sanford and Dwelley in 1994, Evens in 1997 and Sierra in 2003 for growing areas in United States and Canada. Chickpeas and gluten fall in the lectin category, called the offending protein’s according to Dr. Guntry in The Plant Paradox.

Barilla makes a chickpea rotini. You can make your own gluten free chickpea pasta as shown by Osteria La Buca’a chef Jason Neroni, and Claire Thomas. Michelle and Tony do a nice comparison on store bought gluten free pasta’s including Banza a chickpea pasta. You can buy chickpea flour from Bob’s Red Mill. Perhaps you want to make your own chickpea flour at home.

Lake Isle Press has a nice Chickpea Cookbook. The Chickpea Revolution cookbook has 85-plant based recipes for Chickpea flour.


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