Gluten Free Coconut flour

Using coconut flour is becoming popular and is a great choice with allot of healthy plant based fats, fiber and protein. It’s great for diabetics and is gluten and grain free. If you’re following a gluten free, low glycemic, nut-free or Paleo diet this is a good alternative. Volume substitution is often 25 to 33 percent of wheat or other grain flours in a recipe. It is a stand alone flour and does not require other flours in the recipe. It’s often recommended to increase the eggs in the recipe when substituting.

There are many recipes for using coconut flour including, breads, cake, pie crust, cookies, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, pizza crust, and brownies. It can be substituted for almond flour. Erica Kerwien has over 100 amazing recipes in The Healthy Coconut Flour Cookbook. You may also want to try some of Johanna  Davidson’s recipes in Coconut Flour Recipes: The Ultimate Guide.

You can make your own Coconut Flour: or use a commercially available product from Bob’s Red Mill, Pillsbury, Arrowhead Mills, and Viva Naturals found at many grocery stores buy it bulk at Amazon or shop online.

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