Gluten Free Brown Rice Flour

It’s commonly accepted that when we eat the whole of most things there is more nutrition than if we just eat a part whether its fruit, vegetables or grains. The same is true for rice. When the complete kernel is used including the outside bran, germ, and endosperm it’s considered whole grain. Grinding the grain to flour of course makes it a whole grain flour capturing all the nutrients from the kernel making it a better nutritional choice over white rice flour.

Japan’s National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, NARO discovered a method of stabilizing rice flour with a wet milling process. King Arthur’s brown rice flour is also stabilized with recipes online.  Bob’s Red Mill sells a stone-ground brown rice flour and often includes a few recipes on their bag like Walrus bread or walnut spice cookies. Hodgson Mills and Arrowhead Mills among other also manufacture gluten free brown rice flour as well.

Big beautiful Brown Rice

Like other flours without gluten, brown rice flour needs to be used in combination with other flours or starches. Common uses for this nutty flavored grain include bread, muffins, pancakes, and as a thickener for gravy and sauces. It’s also noted because of the manganese content to be great for your skin health as well. You can make your own brown rice flour using a Vita-Mix blender or a magic bullet.  When stored in an airtight container brown rice flour will store indefinitely. Wendy Esko’s book The Big Beautiful Brown Rice Cookbook is a nice recipe guide to Easy Brown Rice Cookbookcooking with brown rice. The Easy Brown Rice Cookbook gives you fifty unique and easy brown rice recipes as well.

According to the USDA a cup of raw medium grain brown rice has over 14 grams of protein with 688 grams of energy, and over 6 grams of fiber. Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate DFE, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and a touch of Sodium also show on the nutritional chart.

Canyon’s Ancient Grains, 7-Grain, Country and Mountain White, Honey Oat, and Heritage Style Breads all include Brown Rice flour in their ingredients. Three Bakers also make a Whole Grain White Bread, 7-Ancient Grain, Rye Style, Great Seed, Max Omega, and Cinnamon Raisin breads all with brown rice flour. Ener-G’s Multi-grain breads use brown rice flour. Food for Life’s brown rice flour lineup includes, Brown Rice, Exotic Black Rice, Raisin Pecan, Rice Almond, Rice Millet, Rice Pecan, along with two yeast free brown rice breads Brown Rice, and Multi-Seed.

Sometimes confused with flour rice starch has been used for it’s soft mouth feel in baby food among other things. “A New rice starch extraction method for product savings [over the traditional high alkali processing method has been found] Food technologist marks breakthrough in rice starch procurement, replacing a 60-year-old method with a more ‘efficient and environmentally-friendly way’ to separate a rice kernel’s tightly-bound portions of starch and protein,” writes Lindsey Partos.

Dog food manufacturers like freshpet recognize the value of nutritional brown rice.  Instinct makes a raw freeze-dried dog food with salmon and brown rice. Not all dogs, like the King Charles Cavalier in many cases will be able to handle the fat content in the salmon but the brown rice is a good combination.  Dr. Cathy Alinovi has said “Studies have shown that brown rice contains “bound” antioxidants that are released by intestinal bacteria, as opposed to antioxidants in fruit which are considered “free” and quickly absorbed into the blood stream.” Brown Rice is occasionally good for your cat as well.


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