Gluten Free Cornbread

For some of us remembering the aroma and flavor of Mom or Grandma’s buttery cornbread hot off the stove or fresh out of the oven brings back memories of a simple life and less stressful days. With so few of us experiencing life on the farm or having a garden where we’ve grown fresh sweet corn, perhaps instead we’ve gone to a local farmers market or roadside vegetable stand searching for that amazing bursting-with-flavor just-picked corn for corn-on-the-cob and hopefully fresh corn bread too.

Just like pizza, areas of the country are used to and expect a different experience when talking about corn bread. Perhaps in Pennsylvania you’re looking for a sweet smooth corn muffin texture, with communities in the south demanding a more thin and crunchy biscuit.

For openers let’s consider cornbread that actually uses fresh corn in the recipe. I love the

USDA Sweet Corn

Photo by Preston Keres

fact that corn starch can be a cornerstone ingredient for this delightful bread. You just might want to dust off that cast iron skillet for this recipe. If you’re using King Arthur’s measure-for-measure gluten free flour you may want to try Taste of the South’s fresh-corn recipe using a cup-and-a-half of corn kernels. The puréed fresh corn adds a flush of sweet flavor. Bon Appetite skips the buttermilk and uses sour cream in their fresh corn cornbread muffins. America’s Test Kitchen uses fresh corn to make a “corn butter” in their approach. Remember you’ll need to use a measure-for-measure flour substitute in these recipes.

Land O’Lakes has a recipe that includes their own blend of gluten free flour, sour cream and yellow cornmeal along with other ingredients. Betty Crocker also has their own gluten free flour blend that includes ghee butter.

Box mixes for gluten free corn bread are available as well. King Arthur has a box cornbread that is moist, not gritty and doesn’t fall apart available at your grocer and online. Bob’s Red Mill has a gluten free cornbread mix also available at most grocers and online in bags up to twenty pounds.  Krusteaz  uses white and yellow ground corn meal as well as sorghum and whole grain millet flour. I’m not sure what the modified food starch is but it is also available in stores and online.

If you’re looking to dive into over 200 mouthwatering recipes using corn meal for bread, Jonnycakes, fritters, hushpuppies, souffles and more Crescent Dragonwagon has written The Cornmeal Gospels, a comprehensive guide  that you’ll thoroughly enjoy working through in your kitchen. Or you could watch Barbara Jean Bennett make Southern Style Hot Water Cornbread using white self-rising corn meal.


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