Gluten Free Black Rice Flour contains Anthocyanins

Before we talk about black rice flour lets talk about the kernels it comes from. Black rice sometimes called Purple Rice is often labeled forbidden. Forbidden in the sense that it is reserved for the Chinese emperor to ensure a long life. Coming from the same plant family as Tai jasmine and Indonesian black rice with a similar nutty flavor profile and nutrient load. Black rice is the only rice with anthocyanins shown by the color.  Also used as natural dyes these purple colored pigments have also shown to improve vision and mental health, act as an antioxidant and protects against several diseases, a similar action in other fruits and leafy vegetables with the same color. Protect your clothing from potential stains while cooking.

A study by Rarastoeti Pratiwi at Gadjah Mada University describes about 24-varieties of black rice grown in Indonesia and their potential for cancer prevention, lowering the risk of an excess of glucose in the bloodstream often associated with diabetes and lowering high concentrations of fats or lipids in the blood. Exceptional health benefits as well as the risks. Rice supplies for the king were grown in central Java and Gunung Raung and Gunung Ijen.

Rebirth Rice from Thailand sells a Heirloom, Jasmine, and starchy but gluten free black rice they call Glutinous Black Rice you can buy through Simple to cook, and you can make rice flour with a blender, coffee grinder, or grain mill. In the United States Publix sells Natures Earthly Choice black rice. Kroger carries Village Harvest Black Rice from China.  and from Alibaba of course. You can buy black rice flour from Italy, Australia, and importers in the United States.

Recipes using black rice flour include, Artisan bread, brownies, delicious dredging for fish, porridge.



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