Gluten Free Flours

There are a number of gluten free flours to consider if you are trying to be wheat free, or choose another flavor profile alphabetically listed. Drill down or click on flour of interest for more complete descriptions.

  • Almond flour: and meal consist of 100% of nuts without gluten found in wheat, barley and rye, heavier than wheat flour and has more calories and fat. Nut allergy caution. More information here. (Do it Yourself)
  • Acorn flour: Easy to make yourself. Peel the shells. Rinse away the tannic acid. Puree in a food processor. Rinse the meal using a cheesecloth until it tastes like almond flour. You can also buy it ready made. (Do it Yourself)
  • Amaranth flour. A nutritious ancient grain that includes the lysine protien and other minerals. You may have to do 50/50 or 25/75 ratios for best wheat substitution results. It can be purchased ready-made. (Do it Yourself)
  • Arrowroot Flour: A root extract Arrowroot can be a cornstarch substitute. A flavorless starch for a soup or sauce thickener. Can be purchased ready-made.     (Do it Yourself)
  • Besan Flour: See Chickpea flour
  • Brown Rice flour: or whole-grain rice flour is often used in combination with white rice flour in gluten free recipes. Make your own or purchase ready-made(Do it Yourself)
  • Black Rice Flour: also called purple rice whose hull has high levels of anthocyanins, antioxidants that may help boost the immune system.
  • Buckwheat flour is not related to wheat. You may have to do 50/50 or 25/75 ratios for best wheat substitution results. Purchase ready-made.(Do it Yourself)
  • Chickpea flour: Higher protein than wheat flour and a great binder. Also know as Garbanzo bean flour, Besan flour, or Gram flour. Make it yourself easily or purchase ready made(Do it Yourself)
  • Coconut flour: Highly absorbent nut flour with reduced volumes compared to wheat flours. High in fats, protein, and fiber. Safe for diabetics. Purchase ready-made(Do it Yourself)
  • Corn flour: Whole grain flour with high absorption rate and ground finer than corn meal. Not corn starch which is made from the endosperm. Can be hard to digest for some. Purchase ready-made(Do it Yourself)
  • Egyptian pea flour: See Chickpea flour
  • Garbanzo bean flour: See Chickpea flour
  • Gram Flour: See Chickpea flour
  • Kebari Barlely flour: a gluten free barley estimated to reach the market by 2020.
  • Oat flour: is easy to make yourself using rolled oats and your blender. Healthy and great for baking and pancakes. Also available ready-made. (Do it Yourself)
  • Sorghum flour or jowar flour is a whole grain flour with a sweeter taste than corn flour it’s cousin. Sorghum is sometimes used to make a table syrup. Available ready-made(Do it Yourself)
  • Tapioca flour: great as a thickener for gravies and pie fillings. Use a grinder to make flour from Tapioca pearls. Not the same as Cassava flour. Available ready-made(Do it Yourself)
  • Teff Flour: high in calcium, iron and fiber. Great for muffins.  Available ready-made. (Do it yourself)
  • Tigernut flour does not come from a nut. High in natural sugars. Available in standard, fine, and extra fine grades. Available ready-made(Do it Yourself)
  • Yucca or Cassava flour is a close replacement for wheat flour. Commercially available cassava have no harmful levels of cyanide. Available ready-made.  (Do it Yourself)
  • White Rice flour also known as rice powder is often used with other flour combinations, neutral flavor. It’s estimated over 4-billion people eat white rice worldwide. Available ready-made(Do it Yourself)

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