Celiac Disease Test

You may wonder what the process is to determine if someone has Celiac Disease. If your condition has gone to the extent where you’re anemic and overwhelmingly tired as I was, stop the train and blow the whistle.  My discovery experience included a diagnostic colonoscopy, small intestine biopsy, and endoscopy that told the tale seeing that the villi in the small intestine, where nutrient absorption occurs were nubbins … almost gone. These villi can increase the nutrient absorbing surface approximately 25 times.

We understand so much more about celiac disease today and with a simple blood test you’re able to screen for the disease. According to the Celiac Foundation “there are [  ] antibody tests available to double-check for potential false positives or false negatives, but because of potential for false antibody test results, a biopsy of the small intestine is the only way to diagnose celiac disease.”

If there is someone in your family like parents, brothers, or sisters with gluten intolerance you have a significant risk of having it yourself. Genetic tests are recommended for family members, especially children.  Don’t confuse gluten intolerance or celiac disease with a wheat allergy. Food allergies can be fatal and often exhibit symptoms like simple rashes, hives, itching or swelling to having difficulty breathing even loss of consciousness.

It’s better to know the truth instead of self-diagnosis and treatment. Check with your physician if you have diarrhea, a potbelly, breath that is foul-smelling, irregular stools, or digestive issues that last for weeks.

Gluten-Free Guides

There has been allot of interest in eating a gluten-free diet whether diagnosed with celiac disease or not. Sometimes it just nice to have some kind of gluten-free guide to help make living gluten-free a good decision or is it a fad that really doesn’t add anything to your life.

Where do you find that kind of reliable information that is thorough and dependable?  Dr. Joseph Murray at the Mayo Clinic has written the Mayo Clinic Going Gluten-Free that focuses on living a gluten-free lifestyle, from the onset of being inquisitive to being diagnosed and managing eating out, if this new discovery is for you or a family member and more. Real life issues that can help manage pitfalls and well-intentioned but misinformed opinions.

If you want to eat out gluten-free Adam Bryan has written an amazing national Restaurant Guide with over 150 restaurant menus with gluten-free options. No matter if you have Celiac disease, a gluten intolerance or allergy, or just maintaining a gluten-free diet. Check out our book page for more information.

Original Pancake House

It’s been years since we’ve eaten at an Original Pancake House. We anticipated a nice breakfast since it was one of the top breakfast places recommended by TripAdvisor in Palm Beach Gardens. We ordered a Senior Pancake with sausage meal and a gluten free short stack with bacon, with coffees. If you prefer thin pancake syrup, hard to cut sausage and mystery butter this would be a good choice. The bacon was crisp and delicious. The wait staff was exceptionally friendly, and the bill was $20 including the tip for both of us. Perhaps things have changed.


Party Snack Mix – Gluten Free

It’s always good to have some kind of snack mix available for those times when folks stop by to chat or visit. I think we did more of that years ago but hospitality doesn’t have to stop because a generation passed away. The General Foods  inspired Chex Party Homemade Mix recipe below has been modified over the years and the one shown below is for those with celiac disease or are gluten intolerant. Eliminate the nuts of course if you need a mix for those with peanut or nut allergies. You may want to substitute other brands for the one’s listed. We had a friend who kept bags of chex mix trail mix in the freezer for when family and friends showed up. This is the perfect sweet and salty mix and an alternative to other snacks that aren’t enough to go around.

Microwave Directions

  1. In a large bowl mix cereals, nuts, pretzels and bagel chips.
  2. In small bowl melt butter until melted. Stir in seasonings. Pour over cereal mixture. Coat evenly.
  3. Pre-heat oven to 250F. Spread mixture into ungreased pan and bake for about an hour, stirring ever 15-minutes. Spread on paper towels to cool.
  4. Gluten Free mix can be frozen to have ready for those planned or spontaneous guests


General Mills Gluten Free Journey

Baking GF Bread with King Arthur

If you are baking gluten free bread one of my favorite pans is sold at King Arthur Flour. It’s a 9″ x 4″ x 4″-deep loaf pan. The sidewalls are extra-tall creating the extra support to form the perfect shape for the gluten-free sandwich loaf.

I’ve been using America’s Test Kitchen all-purpose flour recipe for most recipes adding psyllium and other ingredients as the recipe requires. King Arthur and Betty Crocker make some pretty good blends as well. One of my favorite sandwich bread recipes is from the How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook called gluten-free Classic Sandwich Bread great on the counter for a few days and works well in the freezer with a 30-45 second warm up in the microwave. (Make bread with King Arthur video)

The King Arthur Brownie Mix gets rave reviews from everyone who has tried it. Simply add eggs, melted butter, water and bake. It turns out to be moist and as my Dad would say “musty.” Must have some more.

Gluten Free at TooJay’s

A New York style Kosher deli at almost 30 locations in Florida, TooJay’s has their own bakery and deli too. If you’re a fan of macaroons this could be one of your favorite stops whether you just trying to figure out what is gluten or have confirmed celiac disease. The locations we’ve visited have a dog-friendly patio but only service dogs allowed in the restaurant. You don’t have to worry what foods have gluten. Their knowledgeable wait staff can help you order a gluten free breakfast like omelets or fruit salads. You’ll need to order without bread or croutons to make some items gluten free. My favorite entrée’s are the Liver and Onions and the broiled Cod. They have a delicious Hangover Burger that may not be on the current menu but if you ask for it … they will oblige. The chicken soup is the base for their Matza Ball soup a big favorite for many. WPTV does a nice video with Chef Dennis Snuszka on what is in the Passover Meal at TooJays. Kids eat free with an adult entree during their month of August promotion.

Dive In

If you’re close to Jupiter, Florida you’ll want to stop in to the Dive Bar Restaurant one of the local favorites for seafood, sushi, calamari, crab rolls, hamburgers and salads too. Eat on the fan-cooled dog friendly patio or inside the air-cooled restaurant. There is an pleasant view of the Jupiter Yacht Club Marina along the Jupiter Riverwalk. Public dock slips in front of the restaurant.  TripAdvisor lists it as a moderately priced menu. We enjoyed the Sushi Bento Box with a Tuna roll, 5 pieces of sushi and 2 specials. No flour in the sushi rice makes it an especially nice gluten-free option for those dealing with celiac symptoms and gluten free soy sauce too.


Gluten-free Ice Cream

Ice Cream has always been the dessert of choice in our family ever since I can remember especially after I was diagnosed with Celiac. You may question the wisdom of eating ice cream when diagnosed with celiac disease or showing celiac symptoms, but not everyone has gluten allergy symptoms like a bloated tummy, or loss of energy with dairy products as with wheat or foods that contain gluten.

Now I’m talking about ice cream that contains no gluten containing foods mixed in of course. If your favorite flavor includes cookie dough, pretzels, or brownies and you like to stack it in a cone I’d think you’d want to rethink your gluten free choice.  Häagen-Dazs makes a 5-ingredient vanilla gluten free ice cream distributed by Nestle Dreyers. Publix Greenwise has an organic all natural ice cream as well. I’ve always enjoyed Turkey Hill’s gluten free 5-ingredient all natural vanilla ice cream as well. Turkey Hill lists several companies producing a gluten free product on their comparative chart. If Turkey Hill is not available in your area perhaps one of the others are. Most Carvel Ice Creams are gluten free as well as Kosher if you’re looking for that Ice Cream Parlor experience.  TripAdvisor has some good reviews for Jim Mack’s one of our favorite stops between York and Columbia, PA.  If you’re in Missouri check out Andy’s Frozen Custard or in Carlisle, Pennsylvania Massey’s Frozen Custard.

Perhaps you’d prefer making the ice cream from scratch. All Recipes has a recipe with 4 ingredients for homemade vanilla ice cream, sugar, heavy cream, milk, vanilla extract. Some require cooking and some that include sweetened condensed milk are no cook recipes recommended for example by Julia Moskin at the New York Times. Add a Pinch has a recipe for making homemade sweetened condensed milk if you don’t have it in your pantry. Ingredients include whole milk, a sugar source like cane sugar, maple syrup, or honey, butter and vanilla all gluten free. Martha Stewart has a recipe that includes eggs and uses your refrigerator freezer to finish. America’s Test Kitchen’s Homemade Vanilla Custard Ice Cream uses corn syrup in their creamy recipe. Steve Christensen in his Scoop School Podcast does a nice job talking about Penn State Universities Ice Cream Course if you’re thinking about something professional (limited reservations)

I’ve always opted for my container to be a dish instead of a cone because I wasn’t sure what the cone was made of. Joy Cones are making cake cups and sugar cones that are gluten free. They are made from “Rice Flour, Corn Starch, Tapioca Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil Shortening (Soybean Oil or Canola Oil, Modified Palm Oil, Soy Lecithin), Leavening (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Xanthan Gum, Salt, Natural Flavor” according to their label.  Whether your favorite ice cream parlor or store is using a cone like that would be a good question to ask.

Whatever your favorite – gluten intolerant or not, ice cream can be the perfect dessert, even if you have to go out of your way to get some, in the summertime and all year round.

Prosecco Café Healthy Choices

Ultra smooth and delicious are the gelato’s at Prosecco Café, 4580 PGA Blvd, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I was especially interested their gluten free options for those who have celiac disease or a gluten allergy. I opted for a hearty portion of a 3-egg omelet with mushrooms and potatoes. It came with a small salad and bacon as well. The waitress was knowledgeable about what is gluten having several suggestions. We couldn’t resist a bit of gluten free ice cream. This is a delightful stop where you can have a conversation without competing with TV’s and other loud distractions. Prosecco’s Summer Madness menu is attractive and the food delicious.