Sous Vide Cooking at Starbucks

You’ve stopped at Starbucks to get you favorite brew and a gluten-free breakfast sandwich to go. Sorry no gluten-free breakfast sandwiches, they’ve been pulled from the menu. Perhaps instead you try one of their new gluten-free sous vide egg bites. Most people know what a breakfast sandwich is supposed to look and taste like but a sous vide egg bite? Flavors include chicken chorizo, chipotle salsa, and cotija cheese. And what is sous vide?

Sous Vide (so͞o ˈvēd) cooking is simply a tube with a temperature-controlled heating element inserted into a pan or container where the water is heated to the temperature you want the meat or protein to be done at. The meat is in a vacuum sealed bag or baggie with the air removed. Depending on the size of the protein determines the cooking time. It takes longer to cook but … it never overcooks. Bon Appetit’s Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone does a nice job showing the process using a 1100-watt Joule Sous Vide.  CISNO’s Sous Vide basic 1000-watt model doesn’t need the Bluetooth features and is able to deliver a lower cost product getting rave reviews. Avalon Bay has an 800-watt model.

Several years ago, I went to double checking myself with an instant read thermometer. Some people like their meat rare, some like it medium, some like it well done. Before the thermometer it was always well done never having mastered the press it with your finger and visual indicators. If you’re doing lamb chops and they are not all the same thickness a thermometer can at least get you close to the doneness you’re looking for.  Using the sous vide cooking method could be a life saver. If you’re a celiac or cooking gluten-free you’re probably cooking from scratch so getting your food done right can be a challenge in some families. Perhaps flavorful sous vide cooking is in your future.