Gluten Free at TooJay’s

A New York style Kosher deli at almost 30 locations in Florida, TooJay’s has their own bakery and deli too. If you’re a fan of macaroons this could be one of your favorite stops whether you just trying to figure out what is gluten or have confirmed celiac disease. The locations we’ve visited have a dog-friendly patio but only service dogs allowed in the restaurant. You don’t have to worry what foods have gluten. Their knowledgeable wait staff can help you order a gluten free breakfast like omelets or fruit salads. You’ll need to order without bread or croutons to make some items gluten free. My favorite entrée’s are the Liver and Onions and the broiled Cod. They have a delicious Hangover Burger that may not be on the current menu but if you ask for it … they will oblige. The chicken soup is the base for their Matza Ball soup a big favorite for many. WPTV does a nice video with Chef Dennis Snuszka on what is in the Passover Meal at TooJays. Kids eat free with an adult entree during their month of August promotion.

Chewy Crispy Ginger Zinger Cookie


Have you just wanted that sweet crunch – something to drink with a cup of coffee or milk if you’re not dairy intolerant? Perhaps a gluten free Ginger Zinger Cookie from Tate’s Bake Shop in the Hampton’s is just the thing. I love their description, Crispy, Thin, Scrumptious. Well said. It really is a pleasant surprise to bite into a gluten free cookie that isn’t just dry like sawdust without a hint of flavor. The Ginger Zinger Cookies have that crispy crunch, but the delightfulness comes next with chewy crystallized chunks of ginger. They’re a bit like French Fries … it’s hard to eat just one.

Tate’s also make Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Crisp, and Oatmeal Raisin cookies. You’ll find Blondie’s and Brownies, too. Great gift ideas include sampler packs, towers, It’s a Boy, and It’s a Girl packs.

If you’re close to Southampton New York, Tate’s bakery store is at 43 North Sea Road. Even though they are made in a gluten free bakery, they do contain milk products and they also make products containing nuts and soy. It’s hard to imagine that all this goodness started with an 11-year old girl, baking cookies to sell at her family’s farm stand. Even if you’re dealing with celiac disease, trying to eat gluten-free you don’t have to go without cookies. Perhaps you’re saying what is gluten – pass the cookies!

Well done Kathleen King and the team at Tate’s.