Gluten Free at TooJay’s

A New York style Kosher deli at almost 30 locations in Florida, TooJay’s has their own bakery and deli too. If you’re a fan of macaroons this could be one of your favorite stops whether you just trying to figure out what is gluten or have confirmed celiac disease. The locations we’ve visited have a dog-friendly patio but only service dogs allowed in the restaurant. You don’t have to worry what foods have gluten. Their knowledgeable wait staff can help you order a gluten free breakfast like omelets or fruit salads. You’ll need to order without bread or croutons to make some items gluten free. My favorite entrée’s are the Liver and Onions and the broiled Cod. They have a delicious Hangover Burger that may not be on the current menu but if you ask for it … they will oblige. The chicken soup is the base for their Matza Ball soup a big favorite for many. WPTV does a nice video with Chef Dennis Snuszka on what is in the Passover Meal at TooJays. Kids eat free with an adult entree during their month of August promotion.

Rosie’s Italian Fusion

Mount Joy Pennsylvania has a restaurant just off the square called Rosie’s Tavola.  We choose to enjoy the patio although it was a bit chilly. Signature dishes come with a half salad. I chose vinegar and oil for the dressing for the half salad that came with the meal. img_3201

My gluten-free option was “Penne Carbonara – A traditional Italian dish featuring pancetta, bacon, and Romano cheese in an egg-cream* sauce  with gluten free penne.” If you enjoy allot of garlic this is a dish you’ll enjoy. The penne was cooked perfectly.img_3202

Perhaps this is a dish you’d like to try at home, if so Food Network has a Penne Carbonara that is light in sauce and beautiful too.